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We Are Costal Equity Group

A professionally managed boutique investment firm. Coastal Equity Group is a private equity fund and hard money lender serving the nation’s Southeast states that specializes in real estate investment loans for both new and experienced investors.

We provide real estate based hard money loans to Borrowers in need of non-traditional financing. Because we are small and private, we can move quickly through the underwriting process and structure loans more creatively than conventional banks. Although based in Charleston, South Carolina, Coastal Equity Group also lends in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina & North Carolina.

Coastal Equity Group offers both short and long-term financing for investors striving to build their wealth and generate income for a better future. As a lender, we strive to offer our borrowers smart investment solutions to help generate income and build their portfolio. Our team works quickly and ethically when navigating the underwriting process to ensure we achieve the same goals with your investments.

We look forward to becoming an extension of your team.

Loan Programs We Offer

Welcome to Coastal Equity Group, the premier private financing and hard money lending provider for real estate investors. As a professionally managed boutique investment firm, Coastal Equity Group offers smart investment solutions to help you generate income and build your portfolio. We work quickly and ethically to ensure your investments succeed. Join us and let’s grow together!

Fix and Flip Loans

Flexible, Short-Term Financing made easy for investors. Get pre-approved in as little as 24 hrs.



Buy and Hold Financing

Buy & Hold solutions for acquisitions and refinance. For single rental properties to rental portfolios.



Transactional Funding

Simple financing solutions for investors in need of financing for double closings.



New Construction Loans

Short Term Financing for tear down or ground up projects to help build and sell your project.

Multi-Family Bridge Loans

Fast, Flexible Value Added and bridge loan solutions for up to 20 units.

Fix to Rent Loans

Flexible, Short-Term Hard Money Loans made easy for investors looking to renovate a property before renting & refinancing. Get pre-approved in as little as 24 hrs.

Why Costal Equity Group

Our diverse range of loan programs caters to every investor’s unique needs, whether you’re into fix and flip projects, buy and hold investments, new construction ventures, or multi-family properties. With Coastal Equity Group, you gain access to smart investment solutions and competitive rates that propel your portfolio to new heights.

What We Offer Our Clients:

Hard Money Loans From $75-$3M

Fast Approval & Quick Funding

Qualify In Less Than 24hrs

Receive Up To 75% After Repair Value

Asset Based Loans

In-House Funding

No Junk Fees


We Fund Your Success

Allow Coastal Equity Group to finance your next real estate venture. Five minutes is all it takes to get things started.

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