One of the most important aspects of running a real estate business is consistent marketing. In this day and age, having a social media presence is not just recommended, it is the norm. We found that the site below allows you to design unique social media content. Not only is it easy to use for someone who does not have a lot of experience in social media marketing, but it is free.  


One way to stick out in business is to be more personable. One way we found that is creative and unique is using personable videos when answering questions to email. This not only stands out but attaches a face with the name to potential clients or potential business partners. Taking this unique step could just be the difference someone is looking for. 


Entrepreneurs can sometimes spend a lot of time by themselves. We do not always work normal hours and we do not always have colleagues to interact with on a normal basis. One website we found has a great way of dealing with the above-mentioned issues. It allows you to interact with someone else around the world via your computer called a focus mate. The goal is to heighten productivity and accountability on completing tasks.


Organization is key. We have found that a team that can stay organized and effectively communicate can complete tasks more efficiently. We found that Trello has some very unique tools to accomplish this by using boards to complete tasks. It also has the ability to collaborate with team members together. 


All of these sites have free options to join. I hope you all find these useful on your next real estate venture. 

Also, I feel like I should disclose that we are NOT formally recommending any of these products or services, this is just a casual list of companies that we found that could be useful.